Corrections Lifeskills

Updated Course Name: Personal Responsibility

Since ACCI’s establishment in 1985, our Offender Responsibility course has been one of our most popular courses over the years. We have received a lot of positive feedback and comments from students whose outlook on life improved after completing the course.

After much thought, ACCI has decided to rebrand and rename this popular course. ACCI’s President, Trevor Lloyd issues the following statement:

“As ACCI continues to evolve and adapt to the ongoing needs of justice-involved individuals, as an organization, we have concluded that it is important and necessary to change the name of the Offender Responsibility course to Personal Responsibility. For us, the name of the course is designed to quickly make sense to a criminal justice professional, and yet, we don’t label or use the term offender within the curriculum itself.

I vividly remember a letter that was sent back with the completed Offender Responsibility course from a participant who shared their feedback. They had a very positive experience with the course content and the additional insights that were developed. But the person shared that whenever any friends or family members would visit him, they were ashamed of the title of the course as they didn’t identify with the word offender. We have received several other pieces of feedback that is similar to this. As a result, I am proud to announce that we have officially changed the name of this course. We likewise have plans to update other courses as well.”