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ACCI @ ICPA in Florida

October 23, 2022 – September 28, 2022

  We are excited to attend the 2022 International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) Conference held in Orlando, Florida. We are pleased to announce that we will be presenting a workshop on Corrections: A Restorative Approach in partnership with Deborah Powell from Core Civic America. We hope you’ll stop by and see us!

General Directorate of Prisons Albania

License To Reprint Training September 23, 2022 – September 23, 2022

ACCI is thrilled to be working with the leadership of the Albanian Prison System to assist them in implementing cognitive-behavioral lifeskills programming for their incarcerated population. In collaboration with the Prison Fellowship Ministry of Albania there will be a major undertaking to translate the ACCI courses into the Albanian language. This training will include staff from 5 of their prisons and provide introductions and orientations to ACCI’s type of CBT Lifeskills courses and corresponding Lifeskills Link technology. Emphasis will be placed on case management and engagement to better prepare the incarcerated population for a successful release into society.  

Liberty County CSCD (Adult Probation)

September 19, 2022 – September 19, 2022

Liberty County recently separated from Chambers County and became its own probation department. As an independent jurisdiction and with several new probation officers, ACCI will provide Lifeskills Link Training to the CSO’s (Community Supervision Officers). The training and program will help the CSO’s to help their probationers to address the dynamic criminogenic risk factors that are getting identified in the TRAS (Texas Risk Assessment System) and utilize one of ACCI’s CBT Lifeskills courses.

South Carolina Solicitors Conference

Myrtle Beach, SC September 18, 2022 – September 20, 2022

ACCI will be attending the annual South Carolina Solicitors Conference. Several judicial circuits in South Carolina utilize the Lifeskills Link Program for participants in both the AEP and PTI program.

Cass County, IN Self-Directed In House Program Training

September 13, 2022 – September 13, 2022

Cass County Probation is utilizing ACCI’s “In House” program option. They will have more flexibility in designing and delivering ACCI’s CBT courses to the probationers that they serve. Cass County will utilize both workbooks and eLearning courses to also extend different program options for the probationers and to accommodate different risk levels and the corresponding needs.

Utah Department of Corrections – Lifeskills Link Tablet Program Training

September 7, 2022 – September 8, 2022

ACCI will provide Lifeskills Link training for the UDC reentry case managers to support the use of the APDS tablets. UDC has been utilizing and expanding the use of the APDS tablets to increase access for the incarcerated population to education, training, and programming. ACCI is collaborating and integrated with the (APDS) American Prison Data System tablets. This integration allows individuals incarcerated throughout the UDC system to access ACCI’s CBT eLearning courses. The resources and data points that will be made available to programming staff will equip them to have targeted skill development sessions with their incarcerated clients and prepare them for a successful release back to their respective communities.

Nevada State Probation and Parole – Lifeskills Link Training

September 7, 2022 – September 7, 2022

Nevada State Probation and Parole is taking a restorative approach to the low-risk probationer caseloads. The Lifeskills Link Program will be a primary program option to address the needs of low-risk probationers without over-supervising them. The self-directed CBT courses utilized in the Lifeskills Link Program are ideal for connecting the probationer to their community as opposed to connecting them to the probation department.

APPA Conference

Chicago, IL (Chicago Hilton) August 28, 2022 – August 31, 2022

ACCI will be attending the APPA Conference located in Chicago, IL from August 28-31. Come see us in the Expo Hall (Booth 405). We will also be teaming up with NV State Probation and Parole to co-present a workshop on Tuesday at 11:15 AM. The workshop title is: A Restorative Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Pretrial and Caseload Management.

Osceola County Corrections Training and Onboarding

Lifeskills Link Program Training – Smart Communication Tablets August 24, 2022 – August 25, 2022

Osceola County is utilizing both a License To Reprint ACCI’s CBT Lifeskills courses and the eLearning courses via the Smart Communications Tablets. In an effort to be equitable in providing evidence-based reentry programming for all incarcerated individuals, Osceola County Corrections is utilizing both the License To Reprint program option and the eLearning course options (via Smart Communications Tablets). Staff will be trained in ACCI’s CBT curriculum and corresponding program parameters.

2022 NAC Conference

Virtual March 31, 2022 – April 28, 2022

The NAC (National Assessment Centers) is dedicated to educating, advocating, and supporting assessment centers in enhancing and improving their services. ACCI is delighted to be part of the 2022 NAC Conference, held virtually throughout the weeks between March 31 to April 28.

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