Corrections Lifeskills

A research-based curriculum promotes confidence


American Community Corrections Institute regularly conducts evidence-based research and reports with many state and county agencies to ensure the efficacy of our cognitive restructuring model and programs. The first 20 years as we conducted Life Skills classes, we had excellent response. But it wasn’t until the next ten years, and especially during the last five, that we really learned what it took to reach a level where permanent change could take place.


In the latest review of over 20,000 graduates from our Lifeskills Link Program, we found a 80% completion rate with 96% of the participants giving a positive evaluation and reported they would recommend this program to others. We have been unable to obtain recidivism data from each agency that refers to us. We make every effort to collaborate with those referring to us to obtain the necessary data to ensure our programs are lowering recidivism rates. Please visit our Published Outcomes page for more information.


The following are the different types of research we conduct:

Evidence-Based Studies

Historically we have used a 15 point criteria when conducting our studies. We are now moving towards research designs which more fully represent the collective thinking on evidence-based studies and which include random assignment into at least a control and experiment group. We make every effort to account for variables that may impact our results. Our studies have tracked recidivism rates for at least 3 years and up to 9 years to demonstrate the longevity of the effect of our curriculum and programs on criminal behavior.

Evidence-Based Reports

Our reports offer a quick snapshot of the effectiveness of our curriculum and programs in a specific region and type of offender and do not take into account any and all variables that may impact our results. We determine both completion and recidivism rates in our reports. We measure recidivism by identifying how many individuals who have successfully completed one of our Home Study courses and have subsequently been sent back to incarceration.

Completion Rates

No matter how great or effective a program is, if offenders are not completing it then it is of little or no value. ACCI’s unique Home Study programs have generated high completion rates. This is a statistic that we are able to keep track of in house which allows us to continually monitor and report on.


We regularly review the qualitative data that each student and coach provide as a part of their evaluations which are found at the end of each Home Study Course.

Self-Reported Assessments

Each course has several self-reported assessments in each unit. We compare the results of these assessments to ensure that the material is being understood. Over the years of pain -staking reviews we have refined our curriculum into what it is today.

There are many exciting opportunities to conduct research with us. To express interest in conducting research with us please contact us.


We routinely solicit feedback from the thousands of judges, attorneys and community correction officers that use our program. Survey feedback helps us ensure that we are addressing the current needs and assists us in our ongoing program and technology development.