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A research-based curriculum promotes confidence

Evidence-Based Curriculum

When you ask providers for proof that their programs are effective, the majority will give anecdotal evidence. The reason is few, if any, have evidence-based studies to prove their results.

Even if they were to conduct a research study based on the fifteen point criteria for evidence-based studies, the majority would find the results so poor that they would not want to publish them.

Studies of other life skills programs indicate a deterrent factor of six to twelve months. The main reasons are the providers’ lack of knowledge, understanding or expertise of how to deliver their program at a deep enough level to make a change.

The medical field has seen great advances in the past 20 years. However, in the realm of behavioral sciences, little has changed. Most programs are stuck in the 70s and 80s and have hit a wall or just repeat what they have been doing, occasionally applying a new coat of paint.

Their sub-par performance isn’t necessarily the fault of the instructor but is due to the poorly designed, empty material they are using. To see the proof of this, just attend one of your provider’s counseling classes and observe for yourself. A judge in Colorado attended one of his provider’s classes and was dismayed by what he observed. This would be normal across the nation.

ACCI does not claim that it has all the answers, but what ACCI does assert is that it is decades ahead of other organizations and the nation’s leading provider of cognitive restructuring programs. If your goal is to change faulty thinking and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, then we invite you to put our claims to the test and conduct a class yourself or submit a referral to our Self-directed correspondence program.

Using our materials allows you to maximize your time and effort. Why use ineffective curriculum when you could be using highly effective, evidence-based materials? ACCI’s life skills courses are filled with tried and tested cognitive restructuring science as well as unique intervention techniques. You will be surprised and encouraged at the results and satisfied that you can help people change their lives. The highest goal in the counseling field should be to help clients become self-empowered so they can take charge of their lives.