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About Us: How the Cognitive Restructuring Model works

Cognitive Restructuring Model

The philosophical model that drives American Community Corrections Institute is represented by the diagram below. It is that our thoughts drive our feelings and emotions, which produce our attitudes and behaviors, that result in the consequences of our lives. If we never change our faulty thinking, we will never change our self-defeating behaviors. If we keep on thinking what we have been thinking, we will keep on doing what we have been doing, and we will keep getting what we have been getting. If we want to change what we have been getting, then we will have to change what we have been thinking. Otherwise, nothing will change.

How We Assist You

Since we first started working with court referred clients in 1975 we have continuously evolved and integrated the latest research while retraining our potent cognitive restructuring style of curriculum development. The following are some of ACCI’s propriety techniques and strategies that are infused into all of our courses: