Corrections Lifeskills

Placer County Jail

The inmates here at the South Placer Jail look forward to the ACCI curriculum packets because the packets provide them with a different perspective on the issues with which they tend to need the most assistance. Here in Placer County, we use the Parenting, Substance Abuse, Theft/Shoplifting, Offender Responsibility, and Anger Management curriculums. Most of the inmates really appreciate the knowledge they get from the program and some have even taken the time to write sincere appreciation letters for the help the program has provided to them. Our partners in the Probation Department have also recognized some of the ACCI curriculum as meeting court requirements for some of their clients, so the inmates in-custody are able to start making a turnaround to a new lifestyle even before they leave custody. I have received a lot of compliments and praise from inmates for having the ACCI program here at the jail and they are truly grateful for all the benefits it provides to them.