Corrections Lifeskills


The Intensive Sexual Offender Treatment Program within the New Hampshire Department of Corrections utilizes the ACCI Lifeskills Curriculum within the CORE portion of treatment. Residents utilize the New Headings: Crossing Boundaries workbook as well as the Answer Journal and Tool Kit. Residents utilize Thinking Awareness Forms to look at scenarios in which they could have used appropriate interventions to shift their thinking. Katie’s Story is highlighted as residents learn about the components of victim awareness. We too, adhere to the ACCI treatment principles of “habilitation” vs. rehabilitation. Residents utilize the philosophies of cognitive restructuring to reframe cognitive distortions around offending, thus reducing recidivism for the future. Residents are able to use the curriculum to continue to discuss the impact that trauma may have played in their own lives and build on the framework of empathy for the victim. We find the curriculum useful for many levels of care.