Corrections Lifeskills

Working together we can accomplish more

ACCI Partnerships

We have learned that working together we can accomplish much more than trying to go it alone. We partner with the the best in class innovators in the corrections industry. Listed below are a few of our partners:


American Prison Data Systems (APDS) is a certified B Corporation that has a clear mission to provide essential education and programming to incarcerated learners.


TRACKtech’s mission is to provide individuals the tools they need to stay on track to success by integrating community-based resources, cognitive behavioral therapy, and enhanced communication and monitoring risks, the TRACKtech platform enables successful rehabilitation, reentry, and increased public safety.

Smart communications

Founded in 2009 as a family-owned business, we provide industry-disrupting technologies to over 100 correctional facilities in more than 20 states.

Tech friends

Tech Friends provides an array of communication and software solutions to jails and correctional facilities. The Lifeskills Link integration has provided a seamless experience for incarcerated learners.


Nucleos is on a mission to promote a more just society through education and training. They work to expand access to education and vocational opportunities for individuals involved with the justice system.


Socrates software has been developed to allow self-service for prisoners and probationers, providing continuous independent learning opportunities.


The MaxxContent mission is to inspire and encourage users worldwide to embrace continuous learning and self-improvement.